Working From Home Lowered Performance

Working From Home Lowered Performance, Said Over 1 In 2 Office Workers

SINGAPORE – About 66 percent of surveyed office workers across Singapore, the United States, the UK, and UAE said that working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic had a detrimental effect on their work performance and productivity, reported International Investment on Friday (13 November, SGT).

A slightly higher percentage of 67 percent shared that the ambiguous lines between office work and home life is negatively impacting their work performance and productivity. 70 percent cited long working hours, while 74 percent said that poor mental health is to be blamed, according to a recent study carried out on behalf of health insurance provider Aetna International that polled more than 4,000 office workers.

Aside from that, around 75 percent of the respondents revealed that their work performance and productivity has been significantly affected by mental health pressures brought about by the virus outbreak. Specifically, 88 percent of young employees between the age of 18 and 24 were the most impacted.

“The findings suggest that COVID-19 is increasingly segregating employees’ health and wellness needs according to a range of factors including age, work locality and gender,” said Aetna International’s President Richard di Benedetto.

For instance, 76 percent of workers age 18 to 24 shared that they are facing difficulties to separate work and home life, and this has considerably affected their work performance and productivity.

About 80 percent of employees age 25 to 34 also said that their work performance and productivity declined due to the stress over working long hours.

Moreover, the economic uncertainty caused by the virus outbreak is having a toll on workers’ mental health, with 71 percent of global respondents saying that their fears about getting furloughed, having their salary reduced, or being laid off has negatively affected their work performance and productivity.

In Singapore, 77 percent of the surveyed office workers agreed that this is a problem versus 66 percent in the United Kingdom, 70 percent in the US, and 72 percent in United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, 66 percent revealed that the stress of being locked down with friends, housemates, or family members had a detrimental impact on their work performance and productivity.

“As heightened restrictions and lockdown measures are now in play across the globe, it has never been more crucial for employers to understand the pressures facing their employees,” Benedetto added.

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