WeWork Partners With Singapore

WeWork Partners With Singapore And Other Global Cities

GLOBAL – For its worldwide return-to-work program, WeWork has teamed up with 11 cities and organizations to help companies create and implement hybrid workspaces and promote post-pandemic economic growth in some of the world’s major global cities, reported Commercial Search on Friday (9 September, SGT).

As part of the global return-to-work program, the coworking space operator rolled out five new city partnerships with Singapore, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, and London. Under this, WeWork is offering incentives to local firms to help them create hybrid solutions as more companies and staff seek flexible workplaces.

Under the program, the coworking space operator will also provide key data and insights to the city partners and organizations regarding how employees in each city are returning to the office and support each city’s specific needs. The objective is to create resources for cities and firms of all sizes, so they can analyze data to make informed decisions about future workplace problems.

WeWork is implementing its return-to-work program after research shows that businesses need to offer more flexibility to meet market demands in a post-COVID era.

According to the Future of Work survey published by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) in August 2022, 77 percent of respondents agree that providing remote or hybrid work options will be crucial in enticing and retaining talent going forward.

Company leaders noted that mass adoption of hybrid work will have a permanent effect and its successful implementation will be the most vital strategic priority over the next 3 years. 53 percent of the businesses surveyed said they will make remote working permanently available to all their staff by 2025, while 24 percent of them already offer remote work.

Furthermore, 43 percent of firms intend to expedite investment in flexible office space from now until 2025, and 51 percent said they plan to lease flexible workspace via a third-party provider.

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