Singapore’s Prominent Co-Working Operator Leases First Office In Hong Kong Space

Singapore’s Prominent Co-Working Operator Leases First Office In Hong Kong Space

Singapore is an emerging name in the realm coworking spaces and has experienced noteworthy growth as far as coworking office spaces are concerned. Relating to Singapore, recent news has revealed that a prominent co-working space operator in Singapore has leased its first office in Hong Kong.

The rise in coworking spaces across Asia is prominent and Singapore and Hong Kong are two countries where there has been a massive emergence of co-working spaces.

New revelations have revealed that Singapore’s prominent co-working operator, The Great Room, has leased its first office space in Hong Kong. Sources have revealed that the company has chosen to rent the new space in the One Taikoo Place.

The Great Room, which is backed by CapitaLand, offers a flexible workspace and is generally known as a very moderate operator. However, news is also emerging that the operator itself is going to open its very first and very own international location in Bangkok by next week.

Expansions seem to be everywhere and they are a part of the co-working space field, as these days, we are constantly hearing news about big companies renting office spaces in other countries, just to expand their reach but at the same time, also make sure that they don’t have to incur big office expenditures and rather, just pay for an office rent or desk only.

The Great Room, founded by Jaelle Ang, revealed that the company has confirmed leasing the 23rd floor of the renowned One Taikoo Place in Hong Kong. This is a move to establish their initial footing in Hong Kong. The space is spreading over 20,000 square foot, or 1858 square meter.

It is also being revealed that The Great Room has worked hand in hand with Swire in order to develop a new facility in One Taikoo Place. The amenities as well, in the new space, are thought to serve as a prime selling point for the office property. While speaking about the new move, the CEO of the company, Jaelle Ang, said, “We are thinking of this as a 3rd space and different amenities for the new building and not for our members alone”. While commenting further, he said, “It is a well knitted partnership between developers such as Swire and us in order to create the right mix of offerings to attract people who used to be fully integrated with the Central”.

The Great Room’s first prime location, which was in One George Street, Singapore, was one of a kind as it has private telephone booths, along with a kitchen. It was also designed by a well-known design firm Hassell. The office boasts a lot of leather covered chairs, shower facilities, along with brass finished shelves. The Great Room does also have its very own yoga studio.

The move by The Great Room to open its first office in Hong Kong shows the interest of the company to expand beyond its reach and expand into new ventures as well.

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