Tech Job Relocations In Asia Pacific

Singapore Ranked 3rd For Tech Job Relocations In Asia Pacific

ASIA PACIFIC – The city-state was named as one of the best places for tech workers. In fact, a new survey by shows that Singapore is the third most desired tech job relocations for 2020- to 2021, according to a new report from Knight Frank.

Meanwhile, Australia topped the ranking, while New Zealand bagged the second spot. Respondents chose Japan for the 4th best, followed by South Korea in the fifth spot. Completing the top seven are Malaysia and Thailand.

“Some key gateway markets have done well in building corporate cultures that are attractive to prospective talent. For instance, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea have been ranked the top destinations for a tech job relocation in Asia Pacific,” said the real estate consultancy.

“However, increasing adoption of remote working may mean that people no longer need to live in high-cost locations to land jobs with companies based there,” noted Knight Frank.

Separately, a study by Deloitte revealed that millennials and Generation Z have been gradually shifting their preferences towards softer factors like flexibility, positive workplace culture, and opportunities for continuous learning when it comes to choosing a company to work for.

Still, remuneration and benefits is the top consideration for millennials, while that for Generation Z is a positive workplace culture.

Moreover, the report from Knight Frank disclosed that the top tech sector leasing activities in Singapore for this year included SEA Ltd (16,700 sq m), Red Hat (5,500 sq m) and Bytedance (5,400 sq m).

As for major coworking space openings in Singapore this year. It comprised The Executive Centre (3,600 sq m), The Great Room (3,400 sq m), and Justco (2,800 sq m).

“Major coworking players such as IWG and WeWork continue to see a rapid adoption of the hybrid working model across all major markets including in Asia. For instance, global enterprise memberships at WeWork increased from 42 percent in the last quarter of 2019 to 51 percent by mid-2021,” said Knight Frank.

“Companies of all sizes are seeking more flexible real estate solutions as well as empowering their people to work closer to home in co-working spaces like Regus and Spaces for a better work-life balance,” it added.

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