White Site In Jurong

Singapore Launches Tender For 6.5ha White Site In Jurong

SINGAPORE – In a bid to jump-start the development of the biggest commercial district outside of Singapore’s central business district (CBD), the government has released for sale a massive white site spanning 6.5 hectares, reported The Business Times on Thursday afternoon (22 June, SGT).

The humongous land plot is the first site to be put up for sale within the 410ha Jurong Lake District (JLD). The site – which consists of three pieces of land situated between JLD’s upcoming MRT station and the Jurong East MRT interchange – is expected to cost billions.

The 365,000 sq m (3.93 million sq ft) site will come with at least 146,000 sq m (1.57 million sq ft) of office space and a residential component of up to 166,000 sq m (1.79 million sq ft) or around 1,700 residential units. It will also have 73,000 sq m (785,765 sq ft) of space for complementary use, such as hotel, retail, and F&B.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) stated on Thursday that the proposed mixed-use project on the site is expected to be ready within 10 to 15 years. It will also generate the critical mass needed for the development of Jurong Lake District.

“We have been sending very strongly the signal to decentralise, to create growth centres to bring jobs close to where people are living,” commented Yvonne Lim, Group Director of physical planning at URA.

“Our vision for the district is to be a model sustainability district. We are looking at companies who are aligned with this vision and who are interested to be housed here. We really want to see a vibrant mix – offices, retail, F&B and housing,” she said in response to a query about the government agency’s vision for the site.

Notably, the site is being sold under the Master Developer approach, where a single developer will master plan, carve out the phases, and implement the entire project including the district infrastructure and public spaces.

Bids for the site will be assessed under the Concept and Price-Revenue Tender Approach, wherein tenderers will submit their tender prices and concept proposals separately.

Each phase of the project must be finished within seven years, with the winning developer required to construct at least of 70,000 sq m (753,473 sq ft) gross floor area of office space and at least 51,000 sq m (548,959 sq ft) gross floor area of residential space among other requirements for Phase 1.

The tender for the 6.5 ha white site shall close on 26 March 2024 at 12 pm.

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