Return To Office Gains Momentum

Return To Office Gains Momentum

GLOBAL – Data from several sources show that the number of staff returning to the office across the world is gathering pace, reported Fortune magazine on Monday evening (4 December, SGT).

As a matter of fact, WFHResearch stated that merely 12.7 percent of full-time employees across the globe work from home full time, while figures from Owl Labs revealed that only 16 percent of firms worldwide have implemented fully remote work arrangements.

Moreover, a survey by shows that 90 percent of businesses across the globe plan to introduce return-to-office policies by end-2024, and 28 percent of companies will threaten to fire their personnel who don’t comply with the new policies. While most companies now shun the five-day work week in the office, many have asked their staff to work in the office for some of those days.

It’s not just employers who want to see their workers back in the office, staff also recognise the importance of face-to-face interactions. A recent Bankrate study showed that 68 percent of full-time employees support a hybrid schedule, while statistics collected by HR Review revealed that personnel who enjoy hybrid work arrangements are the most satisfied working group with a happiness score of 73 percent.

Meanwhile, the idea of converting office buildings into residential properties is facing issues as it’s very impractical and costly to implement at a large-scale.

Two of the largest problems are plumbing as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Usually, office buildings only have several bathrooms and perhaps one kitchen per floor, but each residential unit needs both. This type of redesign and renovation is extremely costly and difficult, in addition many office buildings don’t have floor plates that would even permit this configuration.

Furthermore, several spaces inside office buildings tend to be windowless. However, most home buyers and tenants expect windows in their apartments, and most jurisdictions actually require that all apartments have windows. While some office towers can be renovated to achieve this, it comes with a substantial price tag.

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