Grade A Office Definition In Singapore And How To Identify One

Are you in search of prime office rental space on Office Finder in Singapore? The choices are abundant, but you’re likely aiming for a Grade A office space. But what exactly does that entail? This comprehensive guide will unravel the concept of Grade A offices in Singapore, help you identify them, and explore other crucial considerations.

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Grade A office Definition in Singapore

Grade A offices in Singapore are found in newly constructed or meticulously refurbished buildings situated within the central Business District (CBD). However, not all newly refurbished or constructed CBD buildings qualify as Grade A.

These exceptional spaces are typically characterized by their towering presence, grand lobbies, state-of-the-art security measures, covered parking facilities, and sometimes even in-house amenities such as food courts, childcare centers, fitness facilities, and more.

These properties are meticulously managed and house tenants primarily from multinational corporations and large enterprises. Grade A office spaces offer generous floor plans, large windows, raised floor systems, premium ceiling heights, and spacious columns, sometimes even column-free layouts.

They set themselves apart from Grade B buildings, which are generally older and lack the amenities that Grade A spaces provide.

Grade A office buildings are predominantly located in the heart of Singapore’s CBD, where most MNCs and large corporations are based. However, recent decentralize initiatives have expanded Grade A office availability to areas like Jurong Lake District, Buona Vista, and Paya Lebar, alleviating traffic congestion in the CBD.

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How to identify a Grade A office Building?

Although there isn’t a universal formula to grade office buildings, MNC tenants usually have specific criteria when seeking Grade A offices for their headquarters. By examining these attributes, you can better identify a Grade A office:

Seven Key Attributes of Grade A Office in Singapore

Drawing from the diverse range of criteria provided by multinational corporations (MNCs) for Grade A offices, we have identified seven key attributes that characterize Grade A office spaces in Singapore. This compilation serves as a valuable reference for those seeking top-tier office spaces for their organizations.

1) Location

real The prime factor in real estate remains location, and this applies to Grade A offices as well. The most sought-after office spaces are within Singapore’s CBD, with prestigious addresses in the new Marina Bay financial district and Raffles Place. Additionally, locations like Marina Centre, HarbourFront, Alexandra Road, Beach Road, Buona Vista, Jurong East, and the Paya Lebar commercial district are popular choices.Singapore CBD and you will never go wrong.

2) The Building

Most Grade A offices in Singapore are skyscrapers. The height of a building is one indicator. These buildings are typically modern, well-maintained, and feature glass curtain walls that exude professionalism. Notably, not all Grade A offices are new; some are refurbished and excellently managed in prime locations.

3) Building Lobby

An impressive lobby is a hallmark of Grade A offices. It boasts features like a sheltered drop-off area, full glass doors, high-quality finishings, a concierge or security counter, and advanced access control systems.

4) Office Space

Large floor plates, usually 10,000 square feet or more, are a common feature of Grade A offices. These spaces often include a raised floor system, huge windows, generous ceiling heights, and column free layouts.

5) Tenant Mix

Grade A office buildings are discerning about their tenant selection. They typically accept long-term tenants who are established major players in their industry. A look at the tenant directory can help identify Grade A buildings.

6) Building Amenities

Grade A offices usually accommodate a substantial workforce, leading building owners to integrate amenities such as covered parking, conference and meeting facilities, in-house food courts, fitness centers, outdoor spaces, childcare centers, shower facilities and bicycle parking.

7) Environmental Friendly

Sustainability is a growing concern. Grade A office buildings in Singapore often incorporate green features and are Greenmark certified by the Singapore Building & Construction Authority for their environmental friendliness.

In addition to these attributes, Grade A offices also offer high-speed internet connections, swift elevators, and handicap-friendly features.

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Sought-After Grade A Office Buildings in

When it comes to Grade A office spaces in Singapore, several buildings stand out for their remarkable infrastructure, amenities, and strategic locations. Here are some of the most sought-after Grade A office buildings:

Marina Bay Financial Centre MBFC

1. Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC

Located in the heart of Singapore’s financial district, MBFC offers state-of-the-art facilities, stunning views, and seamless connectivity.


2. One Raffles Quay

Situated in the heart of the Central Business District, One Raffles Quay offers modern office spaces, excellent connectivity, and a vibrant business community.


Guoco Tower Office Space for Rent

3. Guoco Tower

An integrated development in Tanjong Pagar, Guoco Tower boasts modern architecture, an extensive retail space, and green initiatives.


4. Asia Square

A prime property in Marina Bay, Asia Square offers premium office spaces, fine dining options, and direct access to transport hubs.


Marina One Office Towers, the worldclass office space in Marina bay

5. Marina One

A prominent integrated development in Marina Bay, Marina One features sustainable design, lush greenery, and a conducive work environment.


Ocean Financial Centre Office Building

6. Ocean Financial Centre

This iconic structure in Raffles Place boasts a striking architectural design, panoramic views, and a range of amenities for businesses.


7. OUE Bayfront

Located along Collyer Quay, OUE Bayfront presents a blend of modernity, convenience, and panoramic views of Marina Bay.


CapitaGreen Office for Rent

8. CapitaGreen

An eco-friendly building in the CBD, CapitaGreen emphasizes sustainability, innovative design, and a healthy work environment.


9. Duo Tower

An integrated development in Bugis, Duo Tower offers a unique architectural appeal, integrated amenities, and a vibrant community.


The Metropolis Office space for rent

10. The Metropolis

Strategically located in Buona Vista, The Metropolis offers modern office solutions, accessibility, and a conducive work environment.

These Grade A office buildings exemplify excellence in design, functionality, and convenience, catering to the diverse needs of businesses in Singapore.

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FAQs about Grade A Offices in Singapore

These FAQs cover essential aspects of Grade A offices in Singapore, aiming to provide insights for those considering such spaces for their business needs.

Q: What are the typical lease durations for Grade A offices

A: Lease durations for Grade A offices often range from three to five years, but this can vary based on negotiations and specific agreements.

Q: What’s the typical rental range for Grade A office spaces in Singapore

A: Grade A office rentals usually span from $11.00 to $14.50 per square foot per month in the CBD and central region. Businesses seeking lower-budget options away from the central region could explore Grade A buildings like The Metropolis at Buona Vista and Keppel Bay Tower at Harbourfront, available for under $10.00 psf/pm.

Q: How do Grade A offices differ from Grade B offices in Singapore

A: Grade A offices represent premium spaces renowned for top-tier infrastructure, prime locations, and superior amenities, whereas Grade B offices, although of good quality, may exhibit slight variations in terms of location, facilities, and overall appeal.

Q: What’s the quickest way to find available Grade A office rentals in Singapore

A: The most efficient approach is to engage the services of a seasoned commercial real estate agent with specialized expertise in the Singapore market, enabling rapid access to available Grade A office spaces.

Q: Which locations in Singapore boast the most prestigious addresses for Grade A offices

A: Among the most esteemed locations housing Grade A office buildings in Singapore are Marina Bay and Raffles Place.

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