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Remote Workers Less Likely To Get Promoted

GLOBAL – A December poll conducted by Resume Builder showed that staff who worked from home (WFH) were the least likely to get promoted or receive a pay hike for the whole of 2023, reported the Business Insider on Tuesday (26 December, SGT).

The survey of 1,190 full-time employees revealed that only 42 percent of full-time remote workers got promoted this year. In comparison, 54 percent of hybrid staff and 55 percent of those who work in the office full-time got promoted.

In terms of obtaining a pay hike, merely 41 percent of full-time remote employees got a raise of at least 10 percent, whereas around 50 percent of hybrid workers and full-time office staff got the same amount of wage increase.

However, a slightly higher percentage of full-time office workers said they felt unhappy and more stressed at work. In fact, 11 percent of those who work in the office full-time rated their mental health as “poor or terrible” versus just 8 percent for those who work from home. Also, compared to 30 percent of remote workers who shared that they felt “very stressed”, 43 percent of full-time office workers said this.

In addition, about 50 percent of employees who are in the office full-time disclosed that they plan to find a new job by 2024, while only just over 33 percent of those who work from home said they plan to do the same.

Meanwhile, the survey revealed that businesses are facing difficulties on how to manage remote workers after the pandemic. For example, Amazon is going as far as firing staff who don’t work in the office at least three times per week.

“We have seen since the advent of remote work proliferating, managers have and still often struggle with how to manage this new workforce,” explained Resume Builder’s Chief Career Advisor Stacie Haller.

She advises employees who work from home to be more proactive and take measures, like scheduling regular meetings with their supervisors to increase their chance of obtaining a promotion or getting a wage hike.

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