Major Office Markets Still Remotely Working

Over 40% Of Staff In Major Office Markets Still Remotely Working

USA – A large proportion of employees across key states and major metropolitan areas in the country are still working remotely, based on the latest Household Pulse Survey conducted by the US Census Bureau.

According to Week 18 of the Household Pulse Survey, in which data was collected from 28 October to 9 November 2020, states and metropolitan areas with sizeable office markets recorded telework rates of more than 40 percent.

For instance, 40.4 percent of the respondents in the state of New York said they were working remotely. In comparison, California and Washington, where tech hub Seattle is located, recorded telework rates of 43.9 percent and 44.1 percent, respectively.

But focusing on metropolitan areas with huge office sectors, the remote working rate is slightly higher. For example, the New York-Newark-Jersey City Metro Area saw a telework rate of 45.4 percent.

This is followed by the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Metro Area with 50.8 percent. Notably, Seattle was named by property consultancy CBRE in October as the fastest growing tech hub in the United States.

The Washington-Arlington-Alexandria Metro Area reported a higher telework rate of 55.6 percent, but the capital Washington DC alone saw the highest remote working rate of 62.6 percent. It can be noted that ecommerce giant Amazon is setting up a 2nd headquarters in Washington DC, and the US Federal Government is letting its staff work from home.

Another part of the US with a high telework rate is the San Francisco-Oakland-Berkley Metro Area with 56.2 percent. It can be pointed out that tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have stated that they will allow their staff to continue working from home in 2021.

The telework figures mentioned above surpasses the overall remote working rate for the entirety of the United States, which stood at 37.3 percent for the Week 18 Survey.

Aside from that, the COVID-19 pandemic could have a lasting effect on how people work. A Gallup poll carried out from 14 to 27 September showed that almost two-thirds of workers in the country who have been teleworking during the virus outbreak want to continue to do so due to fears of getting exposed to the illness at their office.

The Household Pulse Survey, which is already at its 3rd Phase, involved about 236.68 million respondents across the US who are all age 18 and above. Although the data collection period spans 2 weeks for Phase III, it’s deemed as a week to be consistent with Phase I, wherein data collection was done on a weekly basis.

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