OmiseGo ventures into singapore

OmiseGO Ventures Into Singapore

SINGAPORE – OmiseGO is one of the main cryptocurrencies that have ensured innovation. It is also one of the major cryptocurrencies that have a major stake in the block chain revolution.

Recent reports reveal that OmiseGO will be working with a company called Neutrino to start building physical innovative spaces for the block chain professionals. This new move will allow collaboration, innovation, and networking for these professionals.

During the first Neutrino project, OmiseGO opened spaces in Tokyo during the start of the year but in their latest announcement, partnering with OmiseGO, Neutrino will be opening a brand new space in partnership with coworking space firms such as Global Brain and The Great Room.

This is a big move on part of OmiseGO as it is one of the few companies to have announced a special space for blockchain professionals. With the rise of cryptocurrencies and crypto markets, it only seems natural that this move will be appreciated amid the masses.

It is also being revealed that the new space will bring many different professionals from the field of block chain including academics, engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. All of them will be joining hands to start working and collaborating to make sure that the block chain community in Singapore flourishes.

Experts feel that this is a move to nurture and bring new ideas to the realm of co working spaces so that the new ideas can help compliment the overall operations of OmiseGO in general. OmiseGO has flourished as a cryptocurrency by in large and its new move and venture into the realm of coworking space will be embraced by open arms. When, due to a common space, different professionals will come together and join hands, it suffices to say that people with all mindsets will come together and this will be a major breather for new ideas and innovations.

OmiseGO’s manager Nick Gan, while talking about OmiseGO’s new move, said that the main aim behind this is to facilitate and start an environment where different community members can join hands and drive innovation. It is going to be a platform where people can collaborate and experiment as far as the block chain technology is concerned.

Singapore is also a prime location for Neutrino to launch their operations in Southeast Asia. Singapore has had a Smart Nation drive and with the constant support and connections of Neutrino, it only deems normal that the key innovators in this block chain space will be confident about this new initiative, as it will harness different networks and help people connect internationally.

The news has been confirmed by both sources. Neutrino Space, while remarking on the news on Twitter, said, “We are so excited to announce we now have our second Neutrino space in Singapore”.

OmiseGO’s decision will only help in driving major crypto brands to do the same and this is a positive move for the cryptocurrency markets in general. OmiseGO would not have been able to do this without the help of Neutrino.

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