Office Space Still In Demand For Flexible Working Arrangements

NEW YORK – It is not up for debate that the widespread of the Corona Virus Pandemic has changed the global approach to inter-personal relationships, socialization, business, and the general approach to working options. However, the glaring reality of the ongoing demand for office space by big companies shows that they are positive about the future of office space.

Although there remain global caution and regulations guiding public meetings in order to fend off the spread of the virus, businesses seem to be keen on the bigger picture, weighing in on the need for office spaces regardless of how much the way people work has changed and how much more it will change.

Australia Post is one of the long lists of concerned companies, as it considers its future working options. The Melbourne Company’s office space on lease runs until 2024 when its rent is due, and it is certainly not too early to assess and reassess options.


The head of property strategy and performance at Australia Post, Claudette Leeming says: “Putting aside all the negative impacts of COVID, I think in many regards we are exceptionally fortunate to be doing this review in the current climate.”

“As a business, it is giving us more confidence to have some challenging conversations about how we might work in the future, and has absolutely reinforced how important flexibility is, given it’s a long-term commitment we will be making.”

During the podcast (JLL’s Perspectives Podcast), Leeming affirmed the company’s plan for working flexibility, hammering on the need to strategically switch between options, the office space not left out. “We believe it’s a progressive move, she said, “But managing the workplace, and implementing a degree of scheduling to ensure that everyone’s social and professional experiences are maximized when they’re in the office, will be key to making it work.”

Facebook likewise, the mega American social media and social networking service, is looking to secure a 68, 000 sq meter office in Manhattan – New York. This doesn’t rule out work-from-home arrangements but gives room for specific employees to learn better how to work together, as a unit.

Brian Rosenthal, Facebook Engineering Director, said in this regard: “Software is like writing a book together, where all the plots have to connect and make sense and there are thousands of authors. It’s really hard to do if you are not co-located in the same place.”

And with the new trend of switching between working from home and offices and other similar options, companies and individuals are bound to utterly change their approach to work. However, the need for both options stands tall at the moment and is likely to remain so in the near future.

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