New Iconic Office Tower To Rise In Miami Soon

MIAMI – The US city of Miami is poised to welcome its first Class-A office tower in more than 10 years, reported the ArchDaily weblog on Monday (21 September).

Dubbed as 545wyn, the 10-storey tower will have a gross floor area of 325,000 sq ft. It will be jointly undertaken by office builder Sterling Bay and local project partner Joe Furst of Place Projects.

Interestingly, the building’s architect, Gensler, has committed to becoming the first lessee of the commercial property. Earlier this month, the company was named by Architectural Record as the highest-earning US architecture firm for nine consecutive years. The basis was its total revenue for 2019. The second spot was taken by Perkins and Will, while HDR bagged third place. Completing the top five are Jacobs and AECOM, which clinched the fifth spot.

The tower is hailed as a new generation of office space that aims to appeal to a new kind of innovative, tech-focused occupants, one of which is Gensler.

Situated at 545 NW 26th Street in Wynwood, a former clothes manufacturing district dotted with long, low-slung warehouses, whose walls have been painted with various graffiti. To complement the vicinity’s colorful scenery, 545wyn’s parking floor slabs feature vibrant and eye-catching expressions of creativity.

Moreover, its efficient open-air parking space does away with exterior walls. Not only does this allow parkers to gaze at the graffiti art on warehouse walls, but the property owner also plans to host murals and installations there that can be seen by passers-by, even motorists on the highway.

Meanwhile, there will be a “Paseo” for strollers on the structure’s eastern side which will create a circuit of pedestrian-friendly space at its base that comes with shade and verdant gardens. Apart from functioning as an exhibition space for local artworks, the area will also come with dining and retail spaces “that allow workers and the community to immerse themselves in the vibrancy of the surroundings”.

The upcoming tower will also house a lobby-cum-museum that will showcase an assortment of historical objects discovered within the old zipper factory that stood on the site where 545wyn will be built.

For instance, tenants and guests can gaze upon sewing machine pieces suspended on the air by colorful sewing “strings” at the front glass. There will also be a feature wall composed of repurposed shirts by Eileen Fisher.

Expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2020, 545wyn will come with extra outdoor space as each level can support 14-inch slab-to-slab heights and floor-to-ceiling glass.

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