New Coworking Space Opens In Belton Commercial Building

New Coworking Space Opens In Belton Commercial Building

Texas, USA – New reports have revealed that a new coworking space has opened in a building in Belton. This year marks the advent of many new coworking spaces and the latest space is said to have graced a commercial building in Belton.

This is the first coworking space in Bell County, which adds to its overall profit and purpose. The coworking space is called Collaborate and it has been opened on the 2nd floor of Belton Skyline, situated at 127 Lake Road. Collaborate will be managed by Covington.

According to Stephanie Covington, “Many times, you think that you need an office space but then you should think, do you really need it in the first place?” Adding further, she said, “If you have a space to meet the clients and have a good work space too, you can definitely use some headphones and ignore the people around you, I don’t think you need four walls for that”.

The whole purpose behind her comments is simple: She is of the idea that you don’t need a proper office space for your work because a coworking space might do that trick for you.

While adding further, she said, “It is kind of a gym membership for an office space”.

Coworking spaces are more popular in larger cities of Dallas and Austin. It is while seeing these spaces in the larger cities of Dallas did her boss and Covington herself fell in love with the idea of these spaces.

There are more than four dozen such spaces in Dallas Fort Worth area. The space, which is closer to Bell County, is now the latest space to open in that area.

Back in 2016, Gallup discovered that 43% of the employed Americans were working remotely and these numbers are staggering. This only shows that more and more people do not need a separate office to start with their work as remote spaces and coworking spaces would do the trick for them.

The whole purpose of opening a new space in Bell County was to bring something new to that part of the world and Covington hopes that this new space will bring some kind of revolution and innovation in such a market.

While commenting on the new space, she also said that this is not a perfect space for every one but companies are running out of typical spaces in their buildings and it is high time that there are new such spaces that are flexible and independent.

Collaborate, with its space, will be offering two plans. It will let people use the open seating from 8am to 5pm all days of the week (Monday to Friday) and then it has other spaces for booths and high top tables for other subscribers.

There are additional 14 desks available there and about 15-20 spots for the drifter memberships. Collaborate, at the moment, has two members.

Covington believes that these coworking spaces are an ideal choice for startups that are not able to set up their own offices immediately.

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