New Coworking Space in New H street NE will be for Mature people

New Coworking Space In New H Street NE Will Be For “Mature” People

WASHINGTON – The new coworking space in New H Street NE will be for the mature people, say some, who predict that the new launch will be in Spring 2019. Since this place will be for the ‘mature millennial’ as some say, others can try WeWork which is just close by.

So it is emerging that the H Street NE has several flexible office options at the moment. There is WeWork Apollo, Flex Office Space, and Locale Workspace there and it is being predicted that further spaces will be launched in the coming run as well. The new space that we talk about here will be from Bond Collective and will be launched in the 2nd quarter of next year. The place will be a new, coworking space.

Bond Collective is based in New York and it is a coworking company that offers a number of locations in New York and a new spot in Philadelphia as well. Bond Collective will be opening the new location in the capital of the country, at 609 H St. NE. With a hospitality-focused brand, the company will hope to set apart others in its league by offering a boutique hotel than a number of standing desks.

According to Shlomo Silber, the CEO of Bond Collective, “There are a lot of spaces in the market for the startup community but we want to make sure that we cater towards the needs of all businesses and communities”. He also said that he is hoping that the location will appeal to the mature millennial, someone who wants a nice coworking space and someone who appreciates hard work as well. “This is a place for mature millennial who want a mature environment”, added Silber.

Most of the other coworking spaces at the moment are for the fresh out of college graduates who believe in a startup culture. According to Silber, these places have neon signage’s, ping pongs, beer pongs, slogans on the walls and another form of art that showcases the fact that these spaces are for the startup or young millennial. This new place, however, is different because this place is going to boast a more mature culture. The furniture and space both will be such that they are different from what there is in the market at the moment.

The new space will also allow the people to choose which amenities they want in there. It is being said that there will be two bistro kitchens there, a gym with lockers, a private rooftop, along with coffee bars and a place for bike storage. Silber confirmed that there will be more amenities as well but it will depend on what the tenants want and desire.

The new space will span over 30,000 square feet and will be spread across two floors. It will be able to accommodate about 500 people and the prices will start from $350 per month and $700 for a private office. Other amenities in the new space can be determined and figured out by the tenants themselves.

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