A New Coworking Space Emerges At Gaysorn For The Undiscerning Elite Class

A New Coworking Space Emerges At Gaysorn For The Undiscerning Elite Class

THAILAND – Bangkok is home to another wonderful coworking space for the undiscerning elite class of the country. The city has been opened up with new facilities that will showcase the brilliance of the new place and attract more people as well.

Called The Great Room, it is a 2-story tower in the Gaysorn area. It is located in the heart of the city, with all kind of amazing things to offer. With beige walls, unique brown desks, and an appealing décor, this place is a great fit for those who don’t mind spending some money on coworking spaces.

The new space comes from the hub of coworking spaces, Singapore. You can choose to get the weekly or monthly pass but it is being said that even these passes might cost you a little more than you are willing to spend. Many private rooms there can cost you $44,000 to $100,000 baht a month and these are rooms that can seat 2-18 people. Some are saying that these prices might be a bit too high and they might be that’s true but still, these spaces are still trending for their ease and comfort.

It is also being said that the rooms there are not as amazing as the name of the new space itself. The common area seems to have picked up the game and the private office rooms also stand out somehow. There is free access to tea and coffee and breakfast is served on Mondays to get your week started in the right way. The overall view from the space is also a catchy one because you get to see downtown Bangkok right from there.

These are good things about the new space but at the same time, there is a lot more you can get at sensible rates. For instance, the Thailand Creative and Design Center charges you 100 baht for a day pass but this does not include refreshments. But there are other things to note such as the fact that there is an entire library with design books that you can check out and read from. You can even sit at the Office of Academic Resources at Chulalongkorn University, where you only have to pay 20 baht and you can get a lot of work done.

Cheaper coworking spaces are also there in the heart of Bangkok but the new spaces that are emerging are a little too much in terms of their charges and costs. The place might undoubtedly benefit those who need a day pass to get some major work done but for someone who wants daily access, this new place might be too much in their charges.

Bangkok is getting new coworking spaces just as other parts of Asia such as Singapore, where a lot of new spaces have emerged on the forefront. However, as time passes, it is also emerging that the new coworking spaces are a bit more costly than the previous ones.

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