Workers In Singapore Looking To Find Another Job

Nearly 60% Of Workers In Singapore Looking To Find Another Job

SINGAPORE – A survey involving 1,005 millennial workers carried out by Employment Hero shows that 59 percent of them are looking to change jobs in the next 12 months. In particular, 16 percent are already actively seeking another job, while 43 percent plan to do so within the next 6 months, reported Mashable SEA on Tuesday afternoon (16 November, SGT).

The top reason cited for changing their job is the lack of career opportunities, with 38 percent of the respondents saying so. This is followed by zero pay hike (34 percent) and lack of recognition or appreciation (30 percent).

These problems have been exacerbated by COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted the revenue of many companies, with many staff who kept their jobs accepting pay reductions as a compromise. However, the study revealed that 77 percent of those who got their pay slashed would be looking for another job even if their original salary is reinstated.

Other cited reasons for leaving their job are poor corporate culture (23 percent), overworked (23 percent), not enough training (19 percent), low work flexibility either in terms of work hours or location (18 percent), and poor relationships with superiors (15 percent).

Nonetheless, 33 percent of the polled millennial workers in Singapore said they don’t plan to quit their current jobs, primarily because of the economic uncertainty caused by the virus outbreak.

Asked about which initiatives would encourage them to stay, 54 percent said getting a pay hike, 29 percent said advancing in their career and a similar percentage said more rewards and recognition. 28 percent said they would remain if their company implements flexible work arrangements.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Employment Hero Co-founder and Chief Executive Ben Thompson said the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled millennial workers here to adopt a new mindset regarding their careers.

“Employees have worked hard throughout the pandemic and experienced the same stress, unease, and uncertainty as business owners.”

“The pandemic has also created a shift in thinking, with employees asking themselves: Do we live to work? Do we want to go to the office every day? Do we feel appreciated for our hard work and loyalty? Would we be happier elsewhere?”

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