Vaccination Should Be Made Mandatory In The Office

Most Agree That Vaccination Should Be Made Mandatory In The Office

SINGAPORE – A survey conducted by job website Indeed shows that about 80 percent of staff and employers agree that people should be inoculated against COVID-19 before they are allowed to return to their workplaces here, reported Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) on Tuesday (7 September, SGT).

Both groups also agreed on transparency in the workplace. Almost 80 percent of employers believe they should have the right to know which of their workers have been vaccinated. 84 percent of staff also think that their bosses should disclose the vaccination rate of their employees.

Moreover, 90 percent of employees revealed that they will likely take the jab if their company offers it.

“What we are observing from the research is that there is strong trust among staff towards their employers, who are grateful for the encouragement and incentives offered to motivate vaccination,” said Florence Yip, Indeed’s Senior Manager for Talent Attraction in Asia Pacific and Japan.

The robust support for the vaccination drive in Singapore suggests workers want to return to normalcy as the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted them economically, physically, and emotionally.

In fact, over 50 percent of the polled staff shared that they had been somewhat affected by the virus outbreak, while 28 percent have been significantly impacted. Only 4 percent said they were not affected, while 16 percent were slightly affected.

As such, it’s not surprising that most staff and employers agree that companies should continue to provide perks to encourage more workers to get inoculated. Currently, 64 percent of the polled businesses offered incentives in exchange for getting vaccinated, while nearly 40 percent have yet to roll out rewards for such but are considering doing so. Some of the perks offered include experiences like dinner vouchers, cash bonuses, additional training, and other non-cash gifts.

“The data shows how both employers and employees are embracing the public health initiative in Singapore and that encouraging vaccines is in the business’s best interests. This makes the workplace safer and eases job roles such as business travel and physical client meetings,” added Yip.

Notably, Indeed commissioned Censuswide to carry out the survey, which involved 251 employers and 1,000 staff in Singapore across the sectors of enterprise, technology, banking, and finance.

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