More Office Workers May Quit This Year

More Office Workers In Asia Pacific May Quit This Year

ASIA PACIFIC – Qualtrics’ Employee Experience Trends 2022 report shows that staff’s intent to stay across the region including Japan has declined substantially from 74 percent in 2021 to 66 percent in 2022, indicating that more employees may resign this year, reported Human Resources Online on Monday (28 February, SGT).

In particular, intent to stay in Singapore reached 68 percent, but there is a 15-year high shortage in talent.

In Hong Kong, the figure hit 59 percent – one of the biggest drops in intent to stay, a trend more pronounced in women, with a mere 47 percent of women employees intending to stay.

Across Asia Pacific and Japan, over 35 percent of those polled said that “going back to the office full time” would make them consider quitting and finding a new job. This shows how vital flexible work arrangements have become in attracting and retaining talent, market watchers observed.

Nonetheless, Qualtrics’ study revealed that the level of enthusiasm, and connection staff have with their companies across the region increased by 2 points from 2021 on par with global sentiment.

Compared to the global level of 66 percent, the figure in Malaysia is 69 percent, 60 percent in Singapore, and just 53 percent in Hong Kong.

But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an accelerated focus on the mental health and wellbeing of employees. Analysts pointed out that this is a call to executives to prioritise the overall wellbeing of their staff.

Looking at the levels of employee wellbeing across the world, it currently stands at 72 percent – the same level with Asia Pacific and Japan. However, that for both Singapore and Hong Kong is at 65 percent, while that in Malaysia reached 71 percent.

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