Main&Co Showcases New Creative Office Space In Downtown

Main&Co Showcases New Creative Office Space In Downtown

Houston –  Main&Co has just showcased its brand new creative office space in Downtown. The historic Raphael and Dorrance buildings in Downtown, that are collectively referred to as Main&Co, are now totally renovated and are available for retail tenants and office tenants.

NewForm Real Estate, a Houston based company, announced just recently that it has completed the 5-story redevelopment on Main & Commerce, which is located in Northern Downtown. The office space is located on MetroRail line and it includes a number of spaces primarily creative office spaces, along with space for art and retail.

There are a number of things already open along Main&Co including Cottonmouth Club and the Lilly & Bloom cocktail lounges. There is also an LCD Gallery there, which shows that people are quite interested in this area and location and want their offices to be opened in this particular location.

Dan Zimmerman, the Real Estate President of NewForm, while making an announcement, said, “The redesigning of these two important buildings shows that restoring and preserving of the original interior as much as possible, while at the same time, adding modern and sustainable spaces has provided a great combination for a new, state of the art building”.

After all the efforts, Dan revealed that the final and resultant product is Main&Co, which is a very unique real estate offering that is located in the center of Downtown and it compliments the fact that the area is great for all walks of life including work, life, and play,

The Dorrance Building was built quite long ago, at the 114 Main and was built by John M. Dorrance in 1903. He was then the Vice President of Houston Cotton Exchange. The Raphael Building at 110 Main was built in the 1800s.

Main&Co incorporates a very fancy design in its new building, as there are authentically exposes brick walls along with ceiling beams. There are hardwood floors installed and restored along with stainless steel kitchens and a solar panel system on the rooftop.

Reports also suggest that NewForm Real Estate is leasing about 16,950 square feet of the current creative office space. Lacee Jacobs and Sasha Levine have also retained to lease about or the remaining 5,000 square feet of the retail space as well.

NewForm Real Estate also revealed that a previously announced deal that was with the Foundry Club of Dallas for about 14,000 square feet has also gone through. This deal covers real estate by in large. As far as the project branding is concerned, COMOcreatives, which is a Houston based company is currently handling that department.

NewForm is also not an unknown or aloof name in the real estate industry as it already specializes in the sale, leasing, acquisition, and marketing of selective properties.

Main&Co giving out extra office space shows the commitment of the company to deliver and promote coworking spaces. The company is handling a massive project at the moment and will have loads to come in the future as well.

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