Launch Workplaces Offers Coworking Spaces Consultation Service

Launch Workplaces Offers Coworking Spaces Consultation Service

Maryland, USA – We all are aware of the fact that coworking spaces are rising in popularity for they allow users to start their own set up without incurring too many costs. In recent news, it was revealed that Launch Workplaces want to assist the building owners to open a coworking space for them.

Previously, the company already opened five coworking spaces centers and now, it is looking to help the other real estate firms in order to come up with their own spaces. All of this is a greater effort to promote the coworking space culture that is already flourishing.

Launch Workplaces was initiated by a renowned and years old real estate firm based in Anne Arundel County by the name of The Brick Companies. The prime purpose of the company then was to also refresh its own model and the models it brings forth so that it can connect with more entrepreneurs in the small market spaces.

The company has always seen success, especially with the model, since it launched 5 different coworking spaces in the suburban areas. Mike Kriel, the CEO of the company, was quite happy when he revealed the success of the company with coworking spaces in the past. Moreover, while talking about it initially, he also hinted towards the fact that the company wants to continue to move in that direction in order to make sure it comes up with further spaces.

Kriel, the CEO of the company, also said that the company wants to encourage in bringing a space forward that allows entrepreneurs to work and to help and educate others in the community they are in.

After a bit of struggle and some success, the company now wants to assist other real estate companies. Kriel’s company also just recently opened a consulting service that helps firms start coworking spaces. However, the consultancy service did not meet much luck or fortune as it grew out of interest because people were more interested in the notion of starting a coworking space than just getting advice for it.

Kriel in a statement, while commenting on the new progression and the interest of the company in coworking spaces, said, “We have seen a change and transition in the types of coworking spaces preferred and traditional office spaces are now being mixed with entrepreneurial communities in order to come up with something different”. He added, “The demand for this certain service has continued to increase and our very own consultancy service is an answer for that demand”.

With the efforts of its management, Launch Workplaces wants to ensure that it promotes the coworking space culture that is already flourishing. He also added that this space gives owners much more comfort and the ability to say what they want and as they want. He also added that they have tried and tested it by remarking, “We are doing it in our own walls and this is how it is happening”.

Launch Workplaces is not the only company to promote the coworking space culture as many other companies have done it in the past.

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