Japanese Firm Starts Constructing Its 1st Zero Carbon Building In Singapore

Japanese Firm Starts Constructing Its 1st Zero Carbon Building In Singapore

SINGAPORE – Asia’s biggest drug manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceutical Company broke ground on Wednesday on its first emissions-free building here, reported The Straits Times on Wednesday evening (22 September, SGT).

Located next to Takeda’s biologics manufacturing factory in JTC’s Woodlands Wafer Fab Park, the building will contain additional office space and premises for holding meetings. It will also house a cafeteria and a gym for the drug maker’s 400 staff.

The Japan-based drug manufacturer revealed that it invested US$14 million (S$19 million) to construct the property. Apart from utilising eco-friendly concrete, it will come with 660 solar photovoltaic panels.

To improve air flow and increase energy efficiency, the property will be equipped with a hybrid air-conditioning system with thermal diffusers & ceiling fans. It will also have carbon dioxide sensors to control demand for fresh air, in addition to having facilities to harvest rainwater.

With these green features, Takeda expects to receive a Green Mark building certification from Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA). It also plans to set this standard for all of its buildings in other markets across the world.

“Takeda achieved carbon neutrality in 2020, now we are focused on our next step to become net-zero by 2040,” said Takeda’s Global Manufacturing & Supply Officer, Thomas Wozniewski.

Meanwhile, Trade and Industry Minister Gan Kim Yong, who attended Takeda’s ground-breaking ceremony, said the Japanese drug manufacturer’s upcoming zero carbon building is a positive step towards the city-state’s goal of attaining a low-carbon future.

Notably, one of the objectives of Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 is to convert 80 percent of all buildings in the city-state into eco-friendly structures. And this requires the support of individuals as well as small and large firms, Gan added.

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