James Yan Sworn In As CFO Of Ucommune

James Yan Sworn In As CFO Of Ucommune

CHINA – Ucommune has a new CFO as the company announced that James Yan would be sworn in at this position for the company. The company believes that with this move, the company will get into greater synergy and will be better prepared for its next phase of growth.

Aside from the financial operations that take place daily, the new CFO will also be in charge for a number of things including fund deployment to drive the expansion of the brand. He will also use new tools of mergers and acquisitions, organic growth and others to make sure that the company climbs to greater and new heights.

While commending on the new change, Dr. Mao Daqing, the Founder and Chairperson of Ucommune, said, “We are quite excited to have him on our board. He is undoubtedly a valuable addition to our office in China and his years of experience on the financial and business side shows that he is diverse and can explore different regions and industries in the country”. Praising him further, he said, “James has proven to have a good track record of effective leadership and therefore has worked to energize teams to bring forth an innovative solution for the clients”.

James is not a new name in the industry as he has had 18 years of excellent experience in the accounting and financial industry. He has worked for big companies especially commercial ones. He has also held important positions in the IPO of many Chinese companies such as the Commerical Bank of China, China Energy Engineering Corporation and others.

The new CFO himself is also quite excited about his new position. While remarking on the news, he said that he looks forward to spending time at Ucommune with new people and his would be colleagues to come up with smart solutions that add value to our products. The business models have become quite sophisticated so the point is to come up with something innovative and well integrated that can be worked around or used easily. He also said that he is quite committed to leading this team and to provide effective solutions.

Ucommune has previously been in the news for one reason or the other. The company is well known in the global arena and in Asia in particular as far as coworking spaces are concerned.

Reports reveal that James will be sworn in as the CFO of the company quite soon and he will resume office in that position. The new move could mean great things for the company because as an experienced CFO, he would bring changes that were not even there in the past. He might also bring newer things to the table that revolutionizes Ucommune as a company and a brand.

Dr. Mao Daqing, a real estate verteran, founded Ucommune three years ago. It is a known company that provides coworking solutions in China for on-demand leasing, long term leasing and others. Essentially, it provides many options for people to explore coworking spaces in China.

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