IWG Coworking Space Opens

IWG Coworking Space Opens Within Standard Chartered’s Serangoon Branch

SINGAPORE – IWG, the world’s largest provider of flexible offices, has launched a coworking space located inside Standard Chartered’s outlet in Serangoon Gardens, reported the Singapore Business Review (SBR) on Wednesday afternoon (1 February, SGT).

Dubbed as Spaces@SCB, the flex office marks the 1st co-branded tie-up between IWG and the multinational bank in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

“We’re delighted to extend our partnership with Standard Chartered to bring hybrid work solutions into the heart of local communities,” commented IWG’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer Mark Dixon.

“Hybrid working is now the preferred solution for millions, as more employees split their working hours between their company headquarters, a local workspace, and their home,” he added.

Aside from that, Dixos revealed that IWG intends to open about 1,000 new flex office spaces around the world in 2024 across a broad range of formats. These include tie-ups with airports, supermarkets, traditional offices, and financial institutions.

In 2021, the world’s biggest coworking space operator teamed up with Standard Chartered to allow the latter’s 95,000 staff to access the former’s flex office spaces anywhere in the globe, which now includes the newly opened flex office space within the bank’s branch in Serangoon Gardens in Singapore’s North-East region.

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