Honeywell Rolls Out Apps

Honeywell Rolls Out Apps For Office Tenants & Landlords

GLOBAL – American multinational firm Honeywell has launched a new series of apps that identifies areas to improve office tenant experience, as well as enhance communication between office occupants and its landlord, reported ChannelLife on Tuesday (12 July, SGT).

The apps also come with features that analyse tenant behaviour and space usage patterns to help elevate the comfort, convenience, and collaboration among office employees. Specifically, these apps include the Honeywell Remote Building Supervisor and the Occupant Experience app.

These apps can help office tenants and landlords via a number of ways. For instance, it provides employees with a platform, where they can easily share their feedback. It has space utilisation tools that can help prevent overcrowding at the office. It can assist staff adjust to hybrid work schedules and protocols with the aid of a scheduling tool.

Through an app, tenants can have more control over the temperature and lighting at their premises. Occupants can also submit on-the-go mobile requests to their facilities managers regarding security, maintenance, and quality of life factors.

Udaya Shrivastava, Interim Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Honeywell Building Technologies, said such apps have become more needed amidst the stiff competition for talent and greater focus on the well-being of office occupants. The experience of office tenants will grow in importance as more workers return to the office and staff set higher expectations for their workplace.

“The need to create a place that employees want to go to is key,” she explained.

“We have already launched and field-tested these tools at our new Honeywell corporate headquarters in Charlotte to help us provide an unmatched occupant experience that supports the well-being of our employees and guests.”

At Honeywell’s new headquarters in Charlotte, sensors, cameras, and biometrics-based access control create a completely touchless experience. With one of the apps, staff can park their car inside the building, go through security, access lifts and enter their office space without touching a single surface.

Paul Dougherty, President and Chief Investment Officer at property investment management firm PRP, said that while collaborating with Honeywell, he learned that the latter’s tech tools can add value to PRP’s buildings and make such commercial properties more attractive to would-be tenants.

“This innovative technology allows tenants to gain visibility into returning workers’ behaviour and can help tenants optimise their space utilisation, improve employees’ well-being and productivity, and identify opportunities to improve how their employees use their days working in the office,” he added.

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