Habitap Launches Office Management App

Habitap Launches Office Management App

SINGAPORE – Habitap, a tech firm that develops smart home features for residential developments, has expanded into the office property market and launched its first subscription-based access management solution for both the residential sector and office market in September 2021, reported The Edge on Friday morning (15 October, SGT).

The product is called Habitap One, and its component for commercial properties is called Habitap One Office. The office management application designed for businesses comes with features, such as worker access and visitor access, as well as a guest web intercom for building managers and business owners. The access management system is updated real-time to ensure the needs of its users are quickly met.

To subscribe to the service, businesses will need to pay a monthly subscription-based fee starting from S$1 per company staff plus a one-time cost of S$800 per hardware reader that is installed in doors.

With Habitap One, managing agents or managers of office buildings will no longer need to use physical access cards. It also means the visitor registrations don’t need to be managed manually, thereby reducing waiting time for granting access.

By migrating building management electronically, the smart app slashes the costs for utilising paper-based logbooks. It also cuts expenses for traditional hardware maintenance.

Since Habitap One was rolled out during the start of September 2021, 2 building managers that oversees office buildings that house roughly 1,000 staff each have availed of the Habitap One Office subscription plan.

Under Habitap One Office, the tech firm targets to sign up a minimum of 2 million office workers in the next 2 years. Plans are also underway to launch the smart app into other markets in Asia Pacific, including Malaysia, the Philippines, and Australia, before eventually making its foray into Europe and the United States.

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