EDB Discusses Agenda With Coworking Firms To Improve Talent Matching In Tech Industry

EDB Discusses Agenda With Coworking Firms To Improve Talent Matching In Tech Industry

SINGAPOREEDB, , is discussing new agendas with coworking firms in order to improve the talent matching in the booming tech industry. It seems like coworking firms such as WeWork and the Economic Development Board are joining hands with one another to improve the talent matching prevalent in the tech fields. The motive of doing so is to bring more similar firms in the sphere.

According to Kiren Kumar, the assistant managing director at EDB, the given terms of the arrangement between the two parties have not really been confirmed as of now but the outlines are there and they are obvious.

While speaking about the coworking office spaces, Kiren Kumar said, “The co-working spaces have a large possibility of companies to come in and there is a common view regarding what type of skills are required by”. While commenting further, he added, “There is a view of the given supply side that we can see to join hands and work together to make sure that we match and ensure that Singapore still needs important talent for its growth and that, it is needed for the success and growth of the South east Asia market”.
Kiren also said that the worldwide or international network of WeWork members will help in assisting Singapore court firms that do not have an obvious presence in Asia.

The Singaporean government is currently already sending and spending a lumpsum amount on training people in order to help them with new opportunities and skills. However, with co working spaces as partners, such as WeWork in this, there is a possibility of integrating them so that they can help in matching and scaling the demand and supply both.

Kiren Kumar commented on the possible integration of EBD and WeWork and other co-working spaces at the official opening of Chinese coworking space firm WeWork. The new space has opened up at 71 Robinson Road. It currently boasts 1400 seats and is spread over a range of 60,000 sq. ft. The space has many amenities as well including coffee rooms, beer bars and game rooms.

WeWork is one of the many coworking space firms that have made their mark in the industry. The partnership between EDB and WeWork can prove to provide a range of benefits and not just one. Such a partnership will be fruitful on many levels. Moreover, since Singapore’s flexible office space market has increased by 22% in the last year, it has become the 3rd fastest growing market globally after New York and Melbourne. These statistics speak for themselves.

The coworking space market’s deeper integration with EDB is a step further and move ahead in the sense of an integration between government and the coworking space operator. With their integration, new tech talent and talent management can prove to be successful and something that can promise immediate results. Singapore’s coworking space has already increased 17% this year and will continue to flourish in the years to come.

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