Developers Maintain That Transwestern Provides Leasing Services For The View

Developers Maintain That Transwestern Provides Leasing Services For The View

Tysons Corner  – On Thursday, it was revealed by Transwestern that it has been retained by Tysons Development LLC, an International joint venture, in order to provide leasing space and services for about 873,830 square feet of space in an office building that has been proposed for The View.

The proposed mixed-use project for the Tysons is being reviewed by the Fairfax Country. The company, Tysons Development, also submitted a new and updated plan just recently for The View that involved 1418586 sq. ft. of office. The new space is triple the amount of the total office space of 529,673 sq. ft. that was submitted initially in the original plan in spring.

The forthcoming Tysons Development happens to be a joint venture between Clemente Development Co., a Northern Virginia based company and Khaled Juffail Co., an international development partner of Saudi Arabia.

The View is being said to have a block of office, hotel, cultural venues, residential venues and others. It is supposed to be a full-fledged building with a lot of amenities and spaces.

Reports also reveal that the development would offer about 3 million square feet of the space in the six buildings. At the main center of this project, which has been designed by Gensler Architects, would be a new office tower that would measure 600 feet. It would be the largest commercial structure between Charlotte, N.C, and Philadelphia. The venue will be topped and accompanied by a sky garden that will also be accessible by the public.

There are big hopes with The View. It is being said that The View will be what the Rockefeller Center is to NYC. It is being believed that The View will be the epicenter of world commerce along with hospitality and regional entertainment. It will also provide a luxurious living and the traditional view of the Virginia skyline.

Also, with a Tysons location, the new location will be quite close to Downtown Washington D.C, and the Dulles International Airport in Washington. It will also be close to Washington National Airport – The Ronald Reagan one.

Transwestern also revealed that it plans to market the world-connected range of corporations, law firms, and businesses, along with consultants as well. The new development will include more than 90,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space and have a cultural center that boasts performing arts space and a five-star hotel. The developers are hoping to break ground next year and it is expected that the project will finish by mid-2021.

On the other hand, things seem to be heading in the right direction for The View, which already has a lot to boast. This is a place that is full of amenities and other avenues that make it a full house and powerhouse amongst others in its domain. The View will be showcasing exactly what it has to offer and more in the years to come as it is expected that the building will be finished by mid-2021.

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