C&W Redesigns Singapore Workplace

C&W Redesigns Singapore Workplace In A Destination Office

SINGAPORE – In a bid to lure employees to return to their workplace, Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) has redesigned its premises in Singapore’s central business district in a “destination office,” reported the Singapore Business Review on Wednesday afternoon (20 July, SGT)

The real estate consultancy’s office features a reception area, where one can look over Singapore’s picturesque cityscape. Instead of a regular workplace, it looks more like a first-class business lounge, with coffee and food tables where guests can sit and converse rather than be escorted to a dull meeting room. The reason the commercial space exudes the ambience of one of the city-state’s best bars is that it was designed by MSDO, the creative force behind the Atlas and Manhattan bars.

After the spacious reception lounge is the working area, which contains adjustable height desks, where staff have the option to stand or sit while they work. Some meeting rooms were designed without the omnipresent teleconferencing equipment to allow workers to just gather and talk. Interestingly, C&W’s office comes with a so-called library with a long communal desk concealed behind a mirrored door. This is a no-talking zone where employees can silently do their work sans distractions.

“This is what offices of the future will be, where people want to be in to collaborate, learn, and create, whilst being allowed to have a quiet space to work. Our office is chock-full of amenities. It does not only give off a hospitality feel, it has everything employees need to work effectively,” commented Andrew Carmichael, Senior Director for project & development services in Asia Pacific at Cushman & Wakefield.

The office also features some huddle rooms that were designed intentionally without any technology, while others feature all sorts of technology where workers can simply plug in and play.

C&W’s new office comes with a fully tech-enabled environment for seamless connectivity. This gives staff the freedom to move around as they please. The property consultancy also leveraged on a new desk booking system that was developed with Indoor Finders.

“The bookable workstations app is a simple, yet intuitive technology. It somehow knows the people the user wants to work with, who is with his or her team – it sends the user in that direction,” explained Carmichael.

Located at CapitaSpring, the 11,400 sq ft office contains functional work points and 80 workstations that enables C&W’s workforce to perform at their best during peak hours.

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