HK's Chinachem Tower

Coworking Space To Open At HK’s Chinachem Tower

HONG KONG – Chinachem Group has teamed up with flexible office space operator, the Hive, to open a 17,000 sq ft new coworking space in the heart of Central along 34-37 Connaught Road in Hong Kong, reported the South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Monday afternoon (21 March, SGT).

Situated on 4 levels at Chinachem Tower, the flexible office space can accommodate more than 300 members and offers different workspace configurations. For instance, there are 38 private offices that can fit 2 to 20 persons. It also comes with six meeting rooms equipped with video conferencing facilities, in addition to a huge communal area and an open pantry with a self-serve cafe.

The coworking space’s design focuses on sustainability by incorporating natural elements to infuse warmth and energy into its ambience. For example, the flexible office space features large windows and internal glass partitions to allow maximum natural light throughout all offices. There are also pieces of wooden furniture that help create an inviting and cosy atmosphere.

The Hive’s new coworking space will be open to the public beginning next month. Memberships start from HK$3,000 per month, with the flexibility to choose either short- or long-term office rentals.

Moreover, the flexible office space offers panoramic views over Victoria Harbour, the Exchange Square, and the International Finance Centre (IFC).

“We are committed to building an excellent and tailor-made flexible workspace in the heart of Central through this pilot project. We envision the project to become a unique hub that brings together different industries and emerging enterprises, sparking new synergies and opportunities,” said June Ng, Senior Manager for business transformation and innovation at Chinachem Group.

Touted as one of the biggest commercial property landlords in Central, Chinachem Group is opening the coworking space in a bid to meet the rising demand for flexible office space. In fact, a recent study by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) revealed that 41 percent of businesses across the globe expect to increase the use of flexible workspaces as part of their post-COVID workplace strategy.

Meanwhile, the Hive is an award-winning coworking space operator with 21 locations across 7 countries in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

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