Citigroup's Office Space Needs

Citigroup’s Office Space Needs In Singapore To Remain Unchanged

SINGAPORE – It has been learnt that Citigroup Inc will maintain its office space needs in the city-state, even though the multinational bank has formalised a new flexible work model for its operations across the world, reported The Business Times on Monday afternoon (5 September, SGT).

Notably, Citigroup has placed Singapore as part of the 1st phase to implement the new flexible work arrangement. The model divides the bank’s global staff into three role designations – hybrid, resident and remote – that will determine how often they will work in the office.

Employees categorised as resident are expected to fully work on-site and these are intended for jobs that can only be performed on-site such as branch-based personnel or those who work at data centres. Meanwhile, staff designated as hybrid will be permitted to work remotely for up to two days a week.

On the other hand, staff categorised as remote can work outside of the office up to five days per week. Citigroup’s CEO Jane Fraser revealed in a statement in 2021 that besides roles that were already remote before the virus outbreak, like those supporting contact centres, new remote roles will be “somewhat rare”.

Citigroup’s Head of human resources for Singapore and Southeast Asia Sarab Preet Singh said the implementation of the bank’s new work arrangement “puts into practice the many lessons learnt throughout the pandemic”.

The multinational bank said the new set-up is based on “strong belief that staff are better when together due to the many advantages of working together in person”.

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