HK’s Executive Election

Carrie Lam Won’t Take Part In HK’s Executive Election

HONG KONG – The Chinese territory’s current Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, revealed on Monday that she does not intend to take part in the looming election for Hong Kong’s new top leader, reported CNBC on Monday noon (4 April, SGT).

“This is not a question of evaluating my performance or the performance of the Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region) government in this term. This is a question of my personal wish and aspiration,” she explained when asked why she won’t seek a 2nd term in office.

Lam said her decision not to compete in Hong Kong’s upcoming chief executive election is “entirely based on” her family considerations. Notably, Lam is married and has 2 sons.

“This is what I have told the Central People’s government (i.e. Beijing), and they have expressed understanding,” she disclosed.

“So I am taking this earliest opportunity to inform the public through the media that I would not contest in the coming chief executive election,” Lam added.

Meanwhile, sources told local news outlets that the city’s present Chief Secretary John Lee is poised to submit his resignation so he can participate in the chief executive election. However, Lam refused to comment on any would-be candidates in the upcoming vote.

The nomination period to elect Hong Kong’s new top leader commenced on Sunday (3 April), and the election will be held on 8 May 2022. It can be recalled that the election was deferred due to a surge in COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong.

The city is a SAR of China administered under the “one country, two systems” framework. While Hong Kong has limited voting rights, its legal and economic system is mostly separate.

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