Your Checklist For Office Reinstatement In Singapore

Moving out of your rental office space in Singapore to another one can come with office reinstatement works that might differ from one building to another. In all, once you have a reinstatement clause in your office lease agreement, you are bound by law to return the rental office space to the state in which you found it when you first leased it. That’s why the office reinstatement requirement comes in.

It is best to bear the need for an office reinstatement works as required by the contract in mind before the office outfitting starts. This makes things easier as the contractors are mindful of the materials they should use and the ones they shouldn’t.

The design of the office space also comes into cognizance in this respect; this will come in areas of portioning such as the erection of meeting rooms or cabins for the management team which leads to the relocation of the sprinkler mechanisms, light fixtures, and aircon ducts. It is compulsory that the office space must be reinstated to its original standard.


When the need arises for you to honor your office reinstatement requirement, here is a working checklist you can use to your advantage:

Removal of all electrical components

The first step in an Office reinstatement works checklist should be the removal of all electrical components; junction boxes, switchovers and distribution boxes that were added on during the setup of your office space must be removed and discarded. As stipulated by most of the office reinstatement requirements, everything must be returned to the same way before you came into the building.

Removal of all add-on plumbing components

If you added any plumbing works when you resumed your tenancy, you need to have it all removed. Your office reinstatement works must not overlook this area, check critically to ensure that you are not missing any detail. Even if you would be contracting out the office reinstatement works, you must ensure that your agreement with your contractor mentions all areas to be covered.

Removal of all masonry and partition works

All wall or floor tiles installed during the period of tenancy must be removed and the area must be made good as required by the office reinstatement requirement. Other modifications like partitions and false ceilings must also be removed to ensure compliance with the office reinstatement requirement. All the furniture belonging to the tenant must be removed alongside other fittings that were not originally in the office space before the period of tenancy.

Restoration of all lights, aircon diffuser and fire safety fixtures back to original position

All ceiling light, aircon diffuser and fire safety measures shifted due to the sub-divisional need during the period of tenancy must be returned to their original position. This arrangement also includes the fire extinguishers and exit signages that were present in the rental office space. All of these must be done in line with the office reinstatement requirement.

Painting of all walls and ceilings back to original colour

You will also be required to paint all of the walls and ceilings back into their original colour. Some landlords might have you paint it back into white to make things easier for everyone. You must be sure which your landlord will prefer, to be on the safe side, get the brand and colour code of paint from the building maintenance team before repainting.

All of your office reinstatement works must be done in line with the stipulated office reinstatement requirement so as to avoid unnecessary deduction from your security deposit.

Organizing an on-site discussion together with the selected reinstatement contractor and building manager will help in ascertaining the required works and meeting the landlord’s reinstatement expectation.

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