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Things You Never Knew About Office Reinstatement Works In Singapore

When you rent an office in Singapore, you may not fully appreciate the extent to which you, as the commercial tenant, are liable for the office reinstatement if/when you decide not to renew your lease at the end of your tenancy.

The Contractual Obligations

Perhaps you aren’t aware that office reinstatement is held to the letter by law in most leasing agreement and that this is the handing back of the premises to the property owner in its original or agreed-upon condition.

You are therefore contractually obligated to do this, and if you fail to do so, the landlord, or property management, may deduct the reinstatement costs from the security deposit, you initially paid, or they may take legal action.

There is a list of requirements and conditions that need to be fulfilled with each office tenancy – it’s not just a simple matter of emptying the offices.

List of Office Reinstatement Works Infographic

List of Office Reinstatement Works

Before vacating the premises, you must carry out such Reinstatement Works as the landlord may direct to restore the rental office space to its Original Condition, including the following:

A. Remove all your fixtures, fittings, furniture and belongings, and any signs from the premises, the building and the surrounding areas.

B. Make sure that all M&E services, including any air-conditioning variable air volume boxes and ductwork that are above the ceiling board at

the premises, are reinstated to their Original Condition and good working order and condition

C. Grain and varnish all the internal parts which were previously grained and varnished.

D. Re-polish all internal parts which were previously polished.

E. Clean, de-grease and disinfect all floor tiles of the premises, including replacing all floor tiles which are worn or damaged and need replacing.

F. Remove and clear all waste, rubbish and other unwanted material from the premises

G. Make good all damage to the walls, doors, windows or any part of the premises

H. Repaint the premises with reasonable -quality oil or emulsion paint or other suitable treatment of all internal parts of the Premises, in a good and workmanlike manner.

Time is running out…

All this reinstatement work has to be completed before the end of your tenancy lease expires.

If you haven’t changed your office premises much since the time you took them on, it shouldn’t cost you too much to get them to reflect their original state or take too much time to reinstate.

However, most businesses, when they take on-premises, want the business offices to reflect what type of business field they are in, for example, if they are a design company, they may wish to the offices designed to look creative, with walls and office workspaces to reflect this.

The more construction and decorating your business has generated in the premises over the years, will inevitably mean there’ll be a lot of reinstatement works for you when it comes to leaving.

You’ll also need to know whether you are taking transportable things, such as furniture and fittings, with you, or are you disposing of them – if so, where to?

All this takes organization and time.

Office Reinstatement Costs

Another factor you may not have initially considered is how much this is all going to cost you…

When you were planning your business set-up costs, did you envisage, if you were successful, you might need to move to larger office space eventually, and that you’d have to incur office reinstatement cost when returning the rental office space to landlord.

Hiring a professional reinstatement contractor is a sensible way of keeping the expenses down. As well as helping you keep to deadlines, the awkward task of restoring the rental office space and disposing of any moveable furniture, etc.

Professional Reinstatement Contractors

Did you even know that there are specialists you can hire to help this transitional time run more smoothly?

An experienced office reinstatement contractor appreciates the intricacies in your original contract, can communicate on your behalf with landlords and building management, complete all necessary obligations/requirements and conclude the project with the inspection and handover, complete with your returned deposit.

It doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful moving out of your rental office space. As with know-how and planning, you could save yourself a significant headache and money!

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