How To Select Office Renovation Contractor In Singapore?

Transforming a bare space to your new office headquarters can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Businesses will need to create a working area that fits the administrative needs of the company while carrying the brand and service they provide. On top of these, an effective office should also take into account the welfare of their employees. From ergonomic furniture and setup to a balance of natural and artificial lighting these are only a few of the design challenges needed in renovating an office.

For the construction side, an office renovation contractor should be knowledgeable enough in carrying out the designer’s plan and is well-equipped to complete the project. Added constraints during construction are working on the office space while protecting existing furniture or other interior elements.

Constructing a commercial office is not easy let alone working in a confined boundary where other surrounding tenants in a building should be considered. Hiring a professional office renovation contractor is the best way to approach your woes when planning to rebuild your office space. Though not all office renovation companies in Singapore are equal and finding the best contractor in the area is not a walk in the park and you’ll need several references and inquiries.

Best Qualities and Practices of an Office Renovation Contractor infographic

Best Qualities and Practices of an Office Renovation Contractor

We’ve listed the following traits to help you find your next office renovation contractor.

1. Transparent. Honesty is one of the most important traits you should find before hiring a contractor. If he was dishonest from the get-go like during your first contacts via online or phone, then it is best to drop it and look elsewhere.

2. Established. There are numerous office renovation companies in Singapore and finding the best should entail experience. The more experienced and the longer a company exists the larger the chance that it has acquired knowledge, reputable experts, skilled workforce, suppliers, and equipment.

3. Collaborative. Along with being transparent, a contractor should be able to collaborate and share insights on the on-going work. Through good dialogue, it is better to find solutions or perceive problems that may arise when two sides of the project are working together.

4. Good Communication. Similar to collaboration, a person with communication skills whether verbal or through a phone is a good sign that you’ve hired a good one. If he communicates you regularly about the project there’s a good chance that he is in good contact with your suppliers and his skilled and labor team. Does he quickly respond unfailingly during your initial correspondence or do you get responses after a few days instead?

5. Technologically Literate. This is probably the newest trait on the list but is very much important to look for in your office renovation contractor especially if you need to install automated systems. Though you don’t need to look for a computer genius but someone who is not oblivious about technology as automated office systems are installed by the company provider.

6. Good Network. Established office renovation companies in Singapore will have a good number of contacts on their sleeve. You’ll save more if your office renovator provides you with readily options to choose from that may fit your budget and preferences. You may also get discounted prices as the contractor being a loyal customer to the supplier.

7. Competitive Pricing. Expensive doesn’t always mean the best in the market and an office renovation contractor with the lowest price can be an indication that he is new in the trade and inexperienced. Look for mid-range prices to balance quality and cost. You can get quotations for free from different office contractors to get the average cost on their service.

8. Has an Office. A good sign that your office contractor is capable of handling your project is that he has a physical office you can visit. It may not be enough that your office contractor has a website. This is also needed especially if any problems may arise even after construction.

9. Safety Compliant. Don’t forget to ask how your office contractor will handle the safety of your existing furniture or other items in the office. Protective covering nets or plastics on existing furniture or other architectural elements as well as safety protocols should be observed before and during construction.

10. Insured and Warrantied. For the safety and peace of mind of both parties, your contractor should be insured that goes along with his workers as well. Building materials or furniture should also have warranties in case of damages.

Hiring an Experienced Office Renovation Contractor

It is not uncommon for business owners to consider their past home renovation contractor for their next project. This is understandable as owners have already experienced their services before and are reluctant to risk hiring an unfamiliar contractor or browse through numerous profiles of office renovation companies to do the project. If you’re in such a situation just make sure that your past home renovation contractor is qualified and has the experience to do office renovation works. Commercial projects such as office renovation have different building codes to follow and permits to accomplish. In addition, the materials as well as the added features such as audiovisual rooms and other design considerations should be familiar to your contractor.

It is still best to hire the appropriate profession or expert for your project as it can save you money, time, and effort in the long run.

There are a lot of office renovation companies in Singapore, and it can be difficult to weed out the right contractor for you. You may get references from colleagues or browse through reviews on social media to find out actual reviews of clients who have experienced their services.

If you have several candidates make sure to check their paid-up capital in the business profile. business profile can be acquired from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) through the BizFile+ portal.

It is also vital to ask how many projects they are working on or will be working on once you hire them to work on your project as too many projects may mean they may spread their manpower too thinly and they might not be able to focus and provide excellent quality to your office renovation project. Finally, ask for any samples of similar completed projects they had done in the past.

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