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6 Reasons To Include A Breakout Area In Your Office Design

What is a breakout area in an office?

An office breakout area or break area, as most would call it, is mainly used by employees to take a quick breather from the humdrum and bustles of the typical busy corporate setting. Furthermore, breakout spaces are office design features where employees can lounge away their midday breaks while enjoying that rewarding luncheon talks.

A breakout area need not to be solely a place of idling. The open space with ample seating can also be the perfect venue for that not-so-formal meetings with the teammates.

Mainly a support space for the main office, a break area typically includes tables, chairs, and sofa seats. This office feature is usually adjacent or near to a pantry area, and there are office designs that do integrate the breakout zone to the pantry area.

The Importance of a Breakout Area

The breakout area presents so many opportunities for your workers, such as employment growth, overall wellness, and business prospects. Though, to the frugal entrepreneur may well be an added expense and a place of wasteful time for the gossipy worker. But still, again, the invaluable returns dominates above the cons of having this unique space for that growing enterprise.

6 Reasons to Integrate a Breakout Area When Designing Your New Office infographic

6 Reasons to Integrate a Breakout Area When Designing Your New Office

The following sections are an in-depth look at the reasons why a breakout area should be a staple in today’s corporate office setting.

1. Improve Productivity and Inspire Innovative Thinking.

A quick afternoon stroll to the break space can wake the droopy employee and stimulate the dreary mind giving it an energy boost refreshed and again ready to take the next workload.

As most of the waking hours, corporate workers, spend working slumped on their office desks, the effects of the building environment are undeniable. A famous study conducted by experts to show adverse outcomes of poorly designed office space is related to the term SBS or Sick-Building-Syndrome. The study compared employees who are in better-daylighting conditions versus those who are in a standard office environment with artificial lighting or exposed with little or no natural lighting. It concludes those who received ample natural light have significantly decreased the rate of absenteeism and tardiness. While those with limited daylighting experience moodiness and call-in due to sickness.

Historically, not all genius minds had their eureka moments in confined spaces. An unconventional office design can cradle free-thinking and innovative ideas for your workers.

2. Promote Overall Wellness

Even for an ergonomically designed seat won’t be enough to prevent backaches and strained eyes. Having a five-minute walk or lounging in the break room instead can calm the nerves, bring down the heart rate, and overall reduce stress with the everyday hurdle.

Aside from a more relaxed state, a wonderfully designed breakout area may have added plantings sprawled or carefully manicured into the office design. Indoor air quality is not a popular trait for office buildings, so breathing in the fresh air instead of natural greenery will add quality air for workers.

Moreover, a breakout area or space strategically designed with the natural light in mind improves employees’ circadian rhythm preventing sleepiness and drowsiness.

3. Encourage Collaboration and Oneness

The stringent confines of the formal office may discourage a more open discussion among colleagues. That is why an office design with an accessible break area presents a better venue for employees as they relax their mind and converse freely, away from the hustling sounds of clicks and rings from office equipment.

For a large company or even for the medium-sized office, the chance of intermingling of different departments can be slim, especially if each group has been established. A breakout zone is a great meeting joint for different departments to interact among themselves. Thus, the sharing of ideas and having potential collaboration among these varying factions to come up with novel ideas for the company can be promising.

4. A Showcase to Clients for Business Prospects

Since most break rooms are adjacent or near the main office, your clients can be entertained in the separate room away from the noise and unwanted attention from other employees. Your break room office design should have a semi-private yet comfortable space that can be enclosed with frosted screens to still allow lighting and visibility. For the potential client or a no non-sense business partner, having a more relaxed area can beneficial to more serious conversations.

Display the company’s achievements or past projects. These pieces are great conversational pieces to ease the mood of a prospective buyer or a tensed client dealing.

5. A Source of Inspiration for Employees

A break room office design shouldn’t be dull and dreary. Create a space that captures the company’s vision and mission and showcasing the company’s success through the years of operation. These can be a form of wall gallery or a glass-enclosed show cabinet with the company’s awards or best employee of the year awardees.

Potential employees are usually entertained in the breakout area, and having these display of achievements is a great way to spark inspiration for newcomers to the company.

Break room walls are an open canvas. Give a hint of motivation to employees by artistically placing inspirational quotes on the break room walls. Placing inspirational quotes can be done by either painting the words or using art decals on the walls.

6. An Multipurpose Venue

For the start-up enterprise, office design should utilize every space within the new office. Having your breakout area turned into a gathering space for events is a wise investment. Use sliding, accordion, or detachable walls to allow additional space to flow through your formal office. Though, make sure that the breakout area should be used primarily by employees as a place to unwind or have their meals.

Considerations When Designing a breakout Area in your office

To integrate a breakout space into your office design should primarily reflect on what your company delivers to clients. For example, a 3D printing company can create a breakout room with large geometric shaped sofa lounges. Whereas a mobile networking company may provide digital interactive wall screens for employees and visitors alike can enjoy.

A successful office design should also consider the strategic location of your breakout space. Make sure you locate them near enough yet semi-private from the formal office areas.

And, as for the size, if you have a limited budget for your office design, breakout areas don’t need to be very large. A breakout area mainly functions as an escape zone for employees, and if three to four employees are enough to presently fit into it, then that’s an excellent start to have a positive rapport with your valued employees.

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