14 Modern Office Design Ideas And Inspiring Décors

The increasing availability of innovative technologies has given today’s offices’ numerous design possibilities. From door automation systems to enclosed pod offices, these modern office design ideas have significantly impacted the office layout and structure. What’s more to these advanced office systems is that they can meet the ever-changing demands of today’s modern living.

With so much modern office design ideas around, selecting the best option for your company can be a hard task. We’ve created a list of the most inspiring design ideas available today to take your business up a notch.

1. Add Vibrant Colors

Give life to monochromatic tones with a splash of vibrant tones. Adding stronger hues balances out the white or even black undertones of most modern office designs today. As shown, the tangerine-colored furniture gives a perfect contrast against the pastel-tinted walls.

Aside from furniture, lighting fixtures, or murals are other opportunities to add vibrant tones to your office space. Accent color may also come from metallic materials such as chrome or brass plated decors.

When selecting the color scheme of your office, start with your company’s branding. Your company may have existing palettes from the company logo that you can use as your base colors.

2. Industrial Styled Conference Rooms

The no-nonsense and no-frills interior design style is a perfect choice for any corporate office interior. As one of the more popular modern design ideas today, industrial-styled interiors are inspired by the warehouse, industrial, and factory themes. The interior design is made generally from hardwearing materials such as the black metal framing shown in this conference room interior. Other building materials may include wood and bricks.

An unconcealed ceiling is a distinctive feature of industrial interiors that adds character to the bare ceiling. For lighting pendant, lights are a staple. You may paint the undersides of pendant fixtures with bright tones to add a dash of hue to the hard colors.

3. Create a Healthy Working Environment with Foliage


Modern offices with inside plantings not only adds an aesthetically pleasing interior but also creates a healthy environment for workers. Placing inside plants in your office can reduce your stress levels and even improve productivity. A relaxing view of green foliage can reduce the strain in your eyes you’ve incurred during hours of working on the computer.

Aside from potted inside plants, a courtyard can be integrated into any type of office interior. Vertical gardens meanwhile is a good option in saving space as well as a beautiful backdrop.

When choosing the right type of inside plants, make sure to check if the amount of light and care it needs. Some plants may not set well with other species, so check your local horticulturist, which plants are safe to put together. Split-Leaf Philodendron, Castiron Plant, Snake Plant, and Winterbourn are some popular inside plants you can add.

Don’t forget the planters or pots to be used. Just like furniture, these plant holders’ design and color should be taken into account when selecting the right type of plants in your office setup.

4. Wood and Metal Combination for an Organic Look

Integrate the warmth of a comfortable home living into your office with wood and metal combination.

The earth elements of wood and metal fit any type of interior style, and the beautiful synergy is still a favorite even for modern office designs. The organic look reminds us of the warmth and richness of crafted furniture giving a more welcoming interior.

If you’re looking a way to add texture to your hardened cold concrete office interiors adding a piece of furniture made of wood and metal makes a contrasting effect.

5. Landscape Elements for Your Office Interiors

Bring in the benefits of garden landscapes into your office space through a touch of landscape elements.

Creating little pockets of zen into your office space can give a positive psyche to employees as well as an aesthetic win for any visiting client.

A stretch of riverbed stones with potted plantings in your office lounge can create an interesting visual delight to your office interior. For a larger interior project, you can commission a pocket pond or waterfall backdrops.

6. Open Office Designs with Ergonomics in Mind

Open space layout is a trend for modern offices that mainly aims to encourage collaboration among employees. Undivided workstations with rows of modular furniture placed across an open floor is a typical scene for open offices. Though the intent was to bring collaboration among employees, the disadvantages of this office structure have also been recognized. Hampered concentration, lack of privacy, and a noisy environment are main problems when it comes to open office plans.

Apply the principles of ergonomics to achieve an open office plan and, at the same time, mitigate distractions. Create ample space between employees and select furniture that decreases strain during hours of sitting. As specified by International Health Facility Guidelines, the height of a workbench in the sitting position has a range between 680mm to 720mm above the floor.

7. Interesting Geometric Creations


The trendy geometric arrangements in modern design bring a myriad of artistic creations. From home décor pieces to the building structure itself, the freedom to create such exciting forms presents design solutions for the modern office.

Instead of the typical conventional picture gallery, why not have a visually stimulating abstract art to cover bare walls.

The creative backdrop can be placed in any area of the office, such as reception, lounge, and conference rooms.

Artistically-made furniture is another way to explore geometric forms. Both functional and added interior décor, they create a livelier more visually stimulating pieces in the office.

8. Technologically-Ready Office Interiors

As newer and more advanced systems are continuously being introduced today, modern office design should also be readily adaptable to integrate these new technologies.

Furniture should be wide enough for laptops and tablets to be placed even at a conference or meeting rooms. Circuit breakers and convenience outlets must be able to accommodate enough voltage for these devices.

Other automated systems, such as automatic doors or motion light sensors, are now common for large corporate offices. When building a new office, consider these new technologies as early as the design phase to prevent tearing down of walls or added renovations.

9. Modular Furniture to Utilize Space

In designing office spaces, maximizing the available area is a primary consideration. With modular furniture, you can save space, and since they come with standard sizes, they can be configured easily in different layouts. Unlike the earlier versions of the modular furniture, the advanced manufacturing processes today produces a more durable variety. Desks can be arranged in groups two’s, four’s, or more.

The lightweight and collapsible versions of modular office furniture can be easily assembled and transported, desirable features for changes in the future.

Another improvement of today’s space-saving furniture is its variety of forms, such as curved or irregular workstations.

10. Retro-inspired Modern Office Designs

Nothing beats the richness of old-school retro style. The perfect contrast of the glossy sheen and rich dark textures achieves a luxurious look, fitting for any high-end office space.

Incorporating vintage elements into modern interiors have been a favorite for interior designers. This mix and matching of two different design styles are perfect in creating classy styled interiors.

11. Eco-friendly Office

Integrating sustainable materials and systems into your office can be as simple as reclaiming wood for furniture or can be more advanced, like using solar panels. Not only do you cut down bills and save the planet, but you also add value to your company as clients appreciate socially responsible companies. Actively participating in sustainability programs and responses gives your company a positive image.

12. Office Pod

One of the more recent modern office design ideas is the office pod. Unlike cubicles, these personal workstations come with attractive designs. Cabin, glass enclosures, or space shuttle inspired office pods are just a few samples of this workstation.

The personal space provides employees a more comfortable and arguably more productive workstation. Though, one may say it can be expensive. Some office pods are large enough to house 3 to 4 employees at the same time. Other office pods may also include complete living amenities such as a sleeping area and a toilet and shower room.

13. White Office

Pure white interiors are top choices for most office spaces because it gives off a clean and fresh look. As a minimalist color, white brings elegance, sophistication, and calmness to any type of interior space. White is versatile and can be matched to any other color or texture, making it a safe choice for any type of interior design style.

Although when choosing white interiors, keep in mind the amount of time and cost of maintaining the color. For lesser upkeep, you can choose a darker shade such as off-white, beige, or gray undertones instead.

14. Attractive Ceiling and Lighting Treatments

Don’t let your ceilings bare, create a dramatic play of lights and illumination with textured ceilings. Captivating lighting fixtures can adorn your office ceilings. Choose geometrically designed lighting fixtures to blend harmoniously with the modern interior. Vintage or traditional lighting elements can also be added to create interesting contrasting elements.

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