Undecided On Remaining In Current Job

Almost 50% Of Singapore Workers Undecided On Remaining In Current Job

SINGAPORE – A survey conducted by employment portal Indeed shows that about 49 percent of employees here are unsure if they will remain in their present role, reported Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) on Monday evening (20 December, SGT).

The research also revealed that 24 percent of the polled Singapore workers intend to resign during the first 6 months of next year, while 25 percent are undecided if they will remain with their present employer.

More than 42 percent of those looking to resign said the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their decision. For instance, 20 percent said the work arrangements arising from the virus outbreak has led to isolation, burnout (33 percent), higher workloads (44 percent), and increased stress levels, whereas 49 percent realise they don’t like their present employment.

The findings indicate that Singapore could see widespread resignation and job changes next year, just like what Europe and the US are currently facing.

Still, around 45 percent of the respondents said progressing in their careers would encourage them to stay longer in their jobs. 56 percent wanted flexible working options, while a similar cited a higher salary would as deciding factors in making them stay put.

Mental health support initiatives (30 percent) and access to good healthcare (33 percent) can also persuade staff to stick with their employment, likewise for getting appreciated by superiors (41 percent).

“Like in most other countries, Singaporean workers have been living with uncertainty, increased stress and other repercussions caused by the pandemic for almost two years. It has affected people deeply and led to reflection on many aspects of their lives, work included,” commented Kate Furey, Director of Corporate Communications for Asia Pacific at Indeed.

“Whilst higher pay, flexible working and new opportunities may encourage workers to remain in their jobs, the effects of the pandemic are still unfolding, and employees and organisations will have to navigate this process for some time yet,” she added.

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