Top Coworking Firms Get Acknowledged And Appraised In Colorado

Acknowledged And Appraised In Colorado

Colorado, USA – Coworking spaces are emerging on the forefront now. Today, there are hundreds of such firms operating and providing their services in the market. Coworking spaces offer flexibility and space at many affordable rates. In a recent event, some of these companies got recognized and some were picked out as clear winners.

Amongst the companies that won was Networks Unlimited, who was amongst the 50 winners at the Colorado Companies to Watch initiative/program for this year.

Another company that was also amongst the top names was Proximity Space, which won the program. Proximity Space is based in Montrose and it offers both software and hardware to manage these coworking spaces effectively.

President of Networks Unlimited, Mark Swain, while being recognized amongst the top 50 said that they are excited to be recognized on such a platform and what made it more exciting was that this was Colorado Companies to Watch 10th anniversary. He felt honored for the award and said that their customers and team are the reasons why they chose this honor.

Furthermore, he also said that the team’s hard work and determination both were the reasons why they were able to provide such a service. They were happy to accept the recognition.

Both CEOs had good things to say as Josh Freed of Proximity Space again said things along the same line. He said that they were quite excited to get this award. Additionally, he said that this recognition showcases their innovative platform of both hardware and software that supports coworking spaces across the globe. He also felt that this has played an important role in their economic impact and the overall effect that these communities make.

Proximity Space, at the moment, operates coworking spaces in many areas including Montrose and Ridgway. They have also partnered with Launch West to operate the Factory located in Grand Junction. The company offers both hardware and software to effectively handle billing and scheduling for over 130 coworking spaces.

On the other hand, the other company, Networks Unlimited, was also named and labeled the Top 500 Managed Service Providers. It was also a top name in the Top 250 Tech Elite in North America for this year.

Both these companies are already operating on a big scale. Networks Unlimited offers a number of IT services along with networking sales and computer sales.

Companies who have had headquarters in Colorado were able to pick up this program and participate in it.

It is clear that coworking spaces are great in demand. These spaces are operating manually from different locations and they are located all over the globe. You have offices of coworking spaces in Asia, America, Europe, London and various other countries all over the globe.

Colorado recently had an event where they realized the top 50 coworking space companies in the world and two of these names were the clear highlights. Both these companies are providing users an opportunity to operate from remote locations and provide people with an opportunity to run their spaces and offices from a lesser budget.

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