Of Employers Want To Revert To Working From Office

46% Of Employers Want To Revert To Working From Office

SINGAPORE – A survey revealed that nearly half or 46 percent of high-level executives here wish to revert to work arrangements prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, reported TODAYonline on Tuesday afternoon (13 October).

The study indicates that companies still need to undertake lots of hard work, as 47 percent of 100 C-suite executives based in the city-state think that shifting to the new norm of working from home is harder than the initial effect of the virus outbreak.

Asked on the top issues with remote working, 91 percent shared that many routine business functions are still being done offline. These include approving documents, reviewing performance of staff, transacting with cash or cheque, and approving requests for provision of information technology (IT) assets.

Around 60 percent of those polled shared that their firms don’t have a fully integrated system to oversee digital workflows in all business functions.

While 80 percent acknowledged that their businesses can reduce operations cost through flexible work arrangements, merely 68 percent agreed that the savings should be mainly spent on digital transformation.

Meanwhile, a survey of 1,000 workers at firms with at least 500 staff showed that 72 percent think that their organizations give a greater focus on business continuity and chasing profits than workplace safety and safeguarding the wellbeing of its employees.

Notably, the percentage surpasses the 60 percent average for other surveyed countries across the world. Singapore’s figure is only surpassed by India (76 percent) and New Zealand (87 percent).

Interestingly, the aforementioned sentiment that firms are not looking for their staff’s best interest is echoed by 57 percent of high-level executives in Singapore, exceeding the 44 percent global average.

Moreover, about half of workers in Singapore said they would quit if their firms don’t allow some degree of flexible work arrangement, with 91 percent saying that they love the new digital changes like telecommuting, and 87 percent revealed that technology allowed them to work faster and more efficiently.

The survey was carried out by market research company Wakefield Research on behalf of digital workflow firm ServiceNow. It was conducted in September across 11 nations, including Singapore.

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