$45M Raised By “Breather” In Newest Funding Round

$45M Raised By “Breather” In Newest Funding Round

USA – A reputed company that provides short term office spaces to companies has announced that it has raised $45 million in its newest funding round. According to an announcement by the company, the latest funding round was led by Menlo Ventures and Caisse deDepot et Placement du Quebec, which is the owner of Ivanhoe Cambridge. In the funding round, other companies such as Ascendas Singbridge and Temasek also participated.

This is a new series of the funding, the Series C, which has been led by Menlo Ventures. The company was able to raise $45 million in total from it. The Montreal based firm has now raised a total of $120 million with all of its funding rounds. Breather, which has been founded by Julien Smith and Caterina Rizzi, is a short term office space provider that gives out office spaces by the day, month or hour.

Breather is providing office spaces and offering these spaces on short term basis. It is one of the many coworking space firms that provides office spaces on short term rentals so companies can rent them and start working without having to pay major chunks of money on setting up a new office. Interestingly, Breather is a company that is providing these spaces for last minute revenue. Its main aim is to provide these meeting spaces so that they can meet the requirements of companies wanting to have meeting spaces at the last minute.

As of now, Breathe has its spaces in 300 buildings across the globe. It has its offices and spaces in Toronto, London, New York and San Francisco.

Current cliental of Breather have many positive things to say about the company, for it provides users the ability to join hands and work together sort of remotely in the sense that they can start up whenever they want, without having to incur major expenditures on setting up an office space altogether. It is convenient and it is easily accessible, say some of the current clients of Breather. Moreover, the new funding round by the company shows that it is interesting in expanding further and while currently it has 300 offices across the globe, there is no reason to doubt that it will grow further in the time to come.

CEO of Breather, Julien Smith, while talking about the company, said, “Our customers are all of sizes. We are currently giving out spaces to growing start ups and to leading organizations at the same time. Our prime aim is to provide them space solutions to match their needs”. While commenting further on what the company has to offer, the CEO said, “Breather has enabled businesses to access different spaces whenever they need it and they have all the freedom in the world to scale the usage up or down as they want to”.

Breather, with its new funding round, will be expanding to different parts of the globe soon. Breather’s prime motive is to provide office spaces at short term rentals, whether a month, day or week, to match the needs of its clients worldwide.

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