Singapore Workers Looking To Change Jobs

30% Of Singapore Workers Looking To Change Jobs

SINGAPORE – A new survey shows that about 92 percent of employees here are experiencing burnout. In particular, 37 percent faced extreme burnout levels, reported Human Resources Online on Friday noon (10 December, SGT).

According to Ceridian’s 2022 Pulse of Talent report, the burnout is primarily because of long working hours (33 percent), pressure to meet deadlines (37 percent), and increased workloads with 49 percent saying so.

Consequently, 29 percent plan to take sick leave/leave of absence to lessen their burnout levels. However, 30 percent are considering to finding another employer. 33 percent also said they are losing interest in their work, whereas 37 percent of the respondents said they are less focused while doing their job. As for 38 percent, they intend to immerse themselves in wellness activities to mitigate their burnout.

“The world of work has changed, and now is the time for employers to rethink how they approach employee mental health and wellbeing,” said Rob Squires, Vice President & Head of Sales for Asia & Japan at Ceridian, a provider of tech for human capital management (HCM).

“In addition to being the right thing to do, a healthy and engaged workforce is essential to the growth of any organisation in today’s increasingly borderless, fluid, and always-on world of work. It’s never been more important for employers to deliver programmes that support wellness, and the benefits workers want and need most.”

Comparing Singapore’s figures against the global average, more than 61 percent of staff across the world reported experiencing burnout. The primary causes of burnout are pressure to meet targets/deadlines (30 percent), mental health challenges (34 percent), and increased workload (46 percent).

The 2022 Pulse of Talent survey was jointly conducted by Ceridian and Hanover Research. The study involved 6,898 employees who are above the age of 18 at firms with at least 100 staff in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, the UK, and the United States.

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